Team Members

Center for Technology & Training

John Sullivan, PE

Senior Research Engineer
Water and wastewater design, operation, municipal infrastructure finance, municipal management

Greg Pearson, MBA

Water & Wastewater Systems Trainer
Water systems, wastewater management, utility management

Daryl Gotham, PE

Senior Research Engineer
Drinking water systems, wastewater systems, water treatment and distribution systems

Tim Colling, PhD, PE

Director of Center for Technology and Training
Infrastructure management, management systems, local agencies issues

Civil, Environmental, and Geospatial Engineering

David Hand, PhD

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Physical and Chemical Treatment of Organic Compounds from Air and Water Streams

Jennifer Becker, PhD

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Affiliated Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Biological treatment of waste water and ground water, drinking water treatment

Eric Seagren, PhD

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Affiliated Professor, Biological Sciences
Ecaluation and monitoring of biological treatment process for wastewater treatment, biological stormwater treatment

Martin T. Auer, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Modeling surface water quality as a result of infrastructure changes, limnology, engineering approaches to lakes and rivers

School of Business and Economics

Thomas E. Merz, PhD

Associate Dean, School of Business and Economics; Professor of Economics, School of Business and Economics
Public sector finance and economics, game theory, microeconomics

Jonathan Leinonen, PhD

Lecturer in Management, School of Business and Economics
Management information systems, business and economic development, entrepreneurship